438 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218133

Our Story

MTR is a collective of amazing people striving to
build delightful Indian Cuisine

MTR Singapore restaurant is an F&B venture between Samanvay Singapore Pte Ltd and the 90 year old heritage restaurant brand, MTR from Bangalore, India. Samanvay takes pride in establishing the first overseas branch of this heritage restaurant in Singapore. The motto of this restaurant is to serve authentic South-Indian vegetarian food in Singapore, with the same taste that is available in Bangalore, India since 1924.

The food quality practices at MTR Singapore are our commitment to excellence. Utmost care is exercised in all facets of food preparation from farm to fork. The ingredients are selected after a careful process of quality checks and satisfying various attributes before the processing begins on our kitchen.

We are a stickler for fresh, authentic and hygiene food. To retain the authenticity of the cuisine, we use only the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from various places within India and from Afghanistan, Pakistan & SriLanka too! We use natural sugars for traditional desserts. No artificial enhancers, MSG, preservatives, additives or processed food are used in our kitchen.

MTR Singapore restaurant’s reputation for quality, taste and authenticity is now popular in Singapore and has travelled across the borders too. We are now the first name of recall among the Indian diaspora for ‘authentic vegetarian South Indian cuisine’.

We have a passionate Staff for mouth-watering dishes that are also highly trained for cleanliness. The restaurant’s weekly holiday and closing-hours during the day are fittingly used to maintain high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our endeavour to offer ‘a taste of home away from home’ with the flavourful and authentic South-Indian vegetarian fare to the Indian community has delighted the multi-cultural Singaporeans too. Koreans, Chinese and locals also form a majority of our Customers.

In essence, MTR Singapore has created its own niche space for South-Indian vegetarian cuisine, in the vibrant milieu of Singapore. We have been reviewed as the No.1 South-Indian Vegetarian restaurant not only in Singapore but acclaimed as one among the best in Asia too!

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